You Feel Me?
Episode 10: Now, Now

Cacie Dalager and Bradley Hale met in Minnesota as awkward 15 year olds. Cacie had just moved back to town after being uprooted to Richmond, VA for a few years with her parents. They were both drummers in every band their school had to offer. She swears Brad didn’t like her much at first, but their mutual love of drumming and the two friends they had in common (that made for great games of Uno) eventually led to a lifelong musical bond.

Nearing the end of their high school tenure, Brad and Co. convinced Cacie to share a song she’d been working on and it blew them away. She and Brad began working tirelessly on original songs and putting them on Myspace. It eventually led to an international tour with Paramore, which was a trial by fire for the relatively green band. After their debut LP they toured tirelessly as an opening act for over two years.

Now as seasoned indie veterans, Now Now is headlining their first national tour in support of their new record Saved. Hear us talk about all this and more on “You Feel Me?” and stay tuned after the episode for a discount code on the headphones we’re wearing.

Show Highlights:

00:20: Now, Now talk about their touring schedule and how they spent their time between album releases.

01:22: Now, Now discuss the impact touring constantly has on their mental health and relationships.

04:40: Now, Now Talk about their roots in Minnesota

06:55: Cacie tells Lee her favorite bands during her angst filled teenage years

08:00: Brad talks about wanted to be good at sports growing up, writing music, and some of his favorite bands from that time

10:30: Bradley recounts not breaking rules and how that almost pushed him away from being in a band

12:10: Cacie Shares how she didn’t think Brad liked her, and how they first met

15:00: Brad and Cacie talk about their time as leaders in their High School’s marching band

18:40: Cacie talks about some of her experiences of being a woman in a band

20:50: Brad and Cacie talk about what lead up to them starting a band

26:10: Cacie shares her first time sharing a song she wrote with Brad and their friends

28:30: Talk about first releasing their music on Myspace and PureVolume

30:57: Lee asks Cacie about what her backup plan would have been had music not worked out

33:50: Brad tells about the rift that happened when he went off to college

36:00: Now, Now recount their first tour with Paramore

39:50: Lee asks Now, Now their approach to writing their newest album “Saved”

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