You Feel Me?
Episode 18: Duckwrth

Duckwrth is genre-blending phenom. His records are a hodgepodge of countless genres, but he somehow finds a way to purposefully blend them and avoid pandering.

Now gaining traction with the excellent I’m Ugly and an XTRA UUGLY Mixtape, Duckwrth is proving to be a formidable performer with a cult audience ready to crossover. He’s only one hit away from being a star and proving that it takes ten years of hard work to be an overnight success.

Stick around after the show for a discount code on the headphones we’re wearing in the episode.

Show Highlights

09:00 Sheltered home life in South Central LA

18:00 Feeling disassociated but finding your place

27:00 Loving Lupe Fiasco

31:00 Living in a Bay Area artist commune

37:00 Working with a label

47:00 Trap music and the Kendrick Lamar song, “Duckwrth”

49:00 Credits and headphone discount code

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