Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh

Hailey Langland
is Fresh.

Fresh in every sense of the word, Hailey Langland is a young powerhouse talent bringing much needed diversity to the world of professional snowboarding.

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Hailey Langland, a.k.a. Yung Hails, simply stands out. Whether it’s the fact she chose snowboarding over surfing despite being a San Clemente native, or that she’s been showing up guys twice her age since she was a kid, Hailey keeps things Fresh. It also doesn’t hurt that Hailey keeps her IG presence Fresh as well. She’s only 18 and she’s already considered “the one to watch” right now as she tears up big-scale park competitions and core, grassroots events like Rat Race. But Hailey never loses sight of what got her into snowboarding in the first place: having fun. When asked in an X-Games interview how she wants to be remembered, Hailey quickly responded, “I just want to be remembered as the girl who had the most fun.” Her pure and carefree perspective is a prime example of what Fresh means to us. As one of the few girls that can keep up with the boys on any part of the mountain, Hailey is a breath of Fresh air in a scene near and dear to our hearts.
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