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Eero Ettala
is Elevated.

If you even just peeked into the world of snowboarding over the last 15 years, you’ve likely heard the name Eero Ettala. From inventing new tricks to leading the evolution of internet-based video parts, Eero has Elevated snowboarding throughout his entire career.

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Crowned the “king of NBDs” (never-before-done tricks) by Red Bull, Eero Ettala video parts have consistently landed the sacred spot of “ender” in snowboarding movies time and time again. In fact, he’s so well known for throwing down jaw-dropping hammers that the 2016 documentary on his legendary career was aptly titled ‘Ender.’ Having entered the scene around 2003, Eero has been witness to several of snowboarding’s ups-and-downs. But always one to push forward, he’s paved the way for several future pros by staying a step ahead—not only in how he rides, but how he presents his riding. When snowboarding movies began to phase out for shorter internet parts, Eero concepted a web-series known as ‘Cooking With Gas’, releasing several parts throughout three winter seasons. This ability to constantly reinvent his approach has led to one of the longest pro-snowboarding careers around. It’s Eero's wisdom and innovative nature that makes him one of the most Elevated figures in the world of action sports.
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