Strum Earbud

3.8/5 Strum Earbud
Strum Earbud
Strum Earbud

Strum Earbud

  • Unique flexible design for our most comfortable in-ear bud.
  • Supreme Sound™ acoustics and a noise isolating fit.
  • Call, track and volume control via the in-line microphone and remote.

    Strum’s unique flexible design improves comfort and acoustics while also keeping earbuds in place.


    Adjust volume, take calls, or switch up tracks with Strum’s universally compatible mic/remote.


    Powerful attacking bass, natural vocals, and precision highs for every playlist.

Designed with purpose

    Many people’s ear canals differ more in directionality than they do in size. That’s why our Brinx™ Tech uses a flexible design to adjust to the natural direction of your ear canal for the perfect fit.


    Step up in comfort with our Off-Axis™ Tech. Instead of a perfectly round and straight nozzle (which doesn’t match your ear shape), Off-Axis™ uses an angled and oval-shaped design for improved comfort and better noise isolation


    Never again experience the irritation of earbuds that just won’t stay put. Our Fix® Tech utilizes a hook-shape design that resists tugging and pulling, keeping your earbuds in place.

Beyond Looks

    What kind of music do you listen to? For us, it’s a little bit of everything. That’s why our earbuds are custom-tuned to deliver powerful attacking bass, natural vocals, and precision highs for every playlist.


    If you’ve ever bought an earbud or headphone that turns out to be incompatible with your smart device, or doesn’t have full device functionality, then you know why we are so excited about our universal mic/remote with volume control. This three-button mic is compatible with virtually any smart device. Use the plus and minus buttons to adjust volume, play/pause music or answer/end calls with one-click, track forward with two-clicks, and track back with three-clicks.


    As if the rest isn’t enough, Strum comes with two pairs of silicone ear gels (small, medium) for your preference. We also include a handy and durable carrying case for safe and convenient storage for your buds.

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5.0/5 5/5
So I had the 50/50's and loved them but after a while they broke so I went to get a new pair and found that they arnt being made any more so I tried these. To give you pros and cons

The Good:
Excellent sound
very comfortable
great warranty
overall solid construction

The bad:
I dont like how the jack is turned 90 it make this fit in my pocket oddly.

Overall these are great earbuds, if your on the fence about them or this your first time with skull candy, definantly buy them, they will be great and if things go bad skullcandy support has never let me down.
5.0/5 5/5
I've had the 50/50 and smokin bud, but these are far more better, the look and the sound is exceptional! Really comfortable, would recommend this without a dought
5.0/5 5/5
Been using skullcandy for years. Just broke my Ink'd 2 and decided to go big (50 USD) this time. Received them yesterday - Super comfortable, cool & durable case + incredible sound (good noise insulation). The volume controller was a bit unexpected (why not buttons?), but overall - I'm definitely recommending.
5.0/5 5/5
These are such a solid combo of fit, sound, and comfort it is incredible!!! Have had smokin buds, 50/50s, FMJs but they didn't all stay put - these are my favorite of them all (although FMJs were great). purchased two and will be recommending to all - plus can't beat the warranty and support these people provide!! Nice stuff Skullcandy!!
Bass Junkie
5.0/5 5/5
I own a few other models: smokin buds, ink'd, and 50/50. The strum are much better than any of those in terms of both sound quality and comfort. These are easily my favourite in ear headphones from skullcandy so far. Can't help but give them a 5/5, and I would recommend them to anybody.