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Barricade is a classic and cleanly designed adventure-ready speaker that looks good anywhere. Listen longer with the 8-hour rechargeable battery, and don’t spare the abuse thanks to an impact-resistant design that’s also buoyant and IPX7 waterproof. STAY LOUDTM

Gray/Hot Lime



    A premium speaker that's buoyant, IPX7 waterproof down to three feet underwater and impact-resistant.


    Listen anywhere the music takes you with up to eight hours of battery life and Bluetooth® connectivity.


    With low-end emphasis, a powerful 10w driver and dual passive radiators create expansive sound.


    Despite its good looks, this wireless speaker is designed for rough adventure, indoors or out.


    Take it three feet under water and watch it float to the top thanks to an IPX7 waterproof and buoyant design.


    Despite an adventure-ready design, this speaker is designed cleanly and classically for a look that feels at home in any room of your house.


    Thirty-three feet of Bluetooth® wireless connectivity range and an eight-hour battery let you enjoy your music anywhere.


    Take calls, manage your music and adjust volume even when not near your phone using the integrated remote buttons and microphone.

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5.0/5 5/5
This speaker is great! Its loud, super clear, has great bass, and very durable. I took it out to the southern Utah desert and it lasted all weekend long. Perfect for sitting around a campfire, hiking the trails, or hanging out in a hot spring. The bluetooth range is very good too. I tested it and walked about 40 steps before it started to cut out. All in all it is a great speaker and would definitely recommend to anyone! At the price, you cant beat it.

5.0/5 5/5
Over the years I have purchased probably 10 different types of the smaller blue tooth speakers. The barricade's sound level exceeded any expectation that had been previously set by other products. I love to listen to my music (all types) loud and found that this product gave me the level I needed and then some, actually had to turn down a Mumford song in the shower yesterday because the strings seemed to be exploding out of this little speaker. The Barricade's Battery life coupled with the USB port for phone charging makes this the perfect unit for my short weekend trips. I have yet to have the cahones to toss it in my pool as I have had other water resistant/proof products fail on me. Im sure I will soon be over this fear once the weather heats up and we are in our pool again. I have already recommended this product to every person that wants to listen. You can't beat the sound performance to cost ratio here and then add in the water proofing along with the USB port. This was the surprise TRIFECTA for me.
5.0/5 5/5
I have been looking for a small waterproof reliable speaker for a while now, and I came across this one and it's honestly perfect. I travel so much and my life is pretty adventurous where it's so suitable for me. The sound system gets across the room. I used it to play Christmas music over the holidays with my family and they all loved it as well!! I love that it's not too heavy either. I chose the black one when I ordered it. The bass is actually surprisingly not bad at all for how small it is. I don't really know what the mini looks like, but I think the original size is actually perfect for anyone that loves the outdoors and just wants to bring it anywhere. I would say it is comparable to the Beats Pill, except that one is actually heavier. Anyway, I would say overall, it's perfect for me and my lifestyle. I use it when I shower, bring it with me when I travel, hike, campfires, outdoors picnic, and even on a date.
5.0/5 5/5
I often find myself having a difficult time finding a decent speaker with enough power, and durability. Let's start off with the fact that it's water resistant. For any type of adventure, this speaker has your back. It survives the pool, rain, snow, and even a drink spilled on it. The price point is pretty outstanding for what this speaker can do. It sounds GREAT, even while outside you get amazing sound. Enjoy it by your campfire or clip it on your backpack and go. I've banged mine a few times just from climbing and it still works so I'm assuming it can withstand a lot.

The size isn't too bad. If you want something small and lighter then go with the smaller version. Quality is just as fantastic, just takes up less space/weight.

I'm really impressed with this product. For my crazy lifestyle this is just what I needed. Even if you have kids it's great because it takes a lot to destroy this. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

I also enjoy the 2 ports for aux/other speaker outputs. It's got a convenient USB port as well. Design is great and easy to use
Claws Sharp
5.0/5 5/5
From the moment I connected my Barricade speaker to my phone, I was impressed. I have been using this unit for three weeks now and would recommend it as a solid unit built to last. There are many things I like about this speaker, including the following: the speaker keeps it charge for eight hours consitently, the sound is impeccible, and the contruction is bomber. I was skeptical about the battery length, but have not been let down yet. It is hard to believe such a great sounding unit does not quickly drain the battery as has been my experience with other Bluetooth speakers. The design is wonderful. From ease of button use to the clip loop, there was nothing missed. I have accidentially dropped this piece, but with the rugged construction, the speaker was unaffected. This speaker is a must have for anyone that wants a speaker with a solid sound that can handle the elements.